You are cordially invited to our Parent Conversation Night event, A joint partnership between Baycare Behavioral Health and Chasco Middle School

Summary of event:

Children are exposed to risks in the community that can threaten their healthy development. Strong family relationships and clear communication can protect children from these risks! This series of conversations will help build the skills for a strong parent-child relationship, answer questions you have and help engage parents in school activities. These conversations will help build life skills to develop cooperation, self-esteem and responsibility in your children while answering questions you have on how to keep your children safe.

The event will include childcare and dinner.  Please RSVP by clicking the following link:


Please check out the following links for more information.

Invitation to Parents Chasco Nov 2015[1] Parents Flyer Nov 2015 with RSVP link (2)[1]

Invitation to Parents Chasco Nov 2015[1]