Good morning Charger Families. 8th grade students will be taking the FSA WRITING ASSESSMENT Monday and Tuesday and this test is a COMPUTER BASED test which requires us to be on the internet to test. So, we PLEASE ask ALL students to keep their cell phones at home or turned off while at school next week in order to avoid any network or internet issues on our campus.

We will have a modified school day this MONDAY MARCH 9th. 6th and 7th graders have a regular 6 period school day using this modified schedule. 8th graders are testing or rotating in PODS in the morning until 11:30 and then following this schedule for the rest of the day:

Our school day will be Flipped:
6th period – 8:40-9:39
5th period- 9:42-10:32
4th period- 10:35-11:25
3rd period (LUNCHES!!) 11:28- 1:04
        A lunch- 11:28-12pm/ Per 4 12:03-1:04
        B Lunch- 12-12:32/ Per 4 11:28-12pm , 12:35- 1:04
        ​C Lunch- 12:32- 1:04/ Per 4 11:28- 12:32
2nd period- 1:07- 1:57
1st period- 2-2:50