CHMS AVID students…

  • participate in fun team building activities on Fridays
  • are leaders in the school
  • participate in field trips to colleges and other fun places
  • CHMS AVID students…
    • learn organizational and study skills,
    • develop critical thinking,
    • learn to ask probing questions and how to solve academic problems,
    • receive academic help from peers and college tutors,
    • and participate in enrichment and motivational activities to make their college dreams a reality.

Who should apply?

  • Students who want to go to college. (Often AVID students may be the first in their family to attend college.)
  • Students who have a 2.5 GPA or HIGHER.

Select this link to apply: CHMS AVID 2017-2018

If you are a current AVID student, you are applying for AVID for the 2017-2018 school year, complete the following Intent to Return form.

Select this link to complete the intent to return form. (Current AVID students only.)